Farm Animals of Saskatchewan

Farm animals are special members of farm families across the province. In every issue, we spotlight some of the most beloved farm dogs in Saskatchewan. If you have a good boy or girl on your farm that you would like to see featured in the next Saskatchewan Farmers' Voice, send one or more high-quality photos and a bit of information about your pet to


Home: R.M. of Churchbridge #211

Age: 1 year

Breed: Rough Collie

Family: Kathryn Elder and Connor Hunter

About Ranger: Ranger came to live with Kathryn Elder and Connor Hunter when he was ten weeks old. The once small pup has grown to fill up their hearts with his goofy smile and friendly personality.

Kathryn describes Ranger to be a gentle soul and a mama’s boy. The rough collie usually sleeps outside unless Connor is working the night shift, then Ranger is more than happy to take his spot in bed.

The couple who lives on an acreage wanted a dog to be a guard dog. Kathryn said Ranger is a very bad guard dog because he is always so happy to see anyone who comes to visit. Kathryn and Connor have nearby neighbours with a shop.

If Ranger isn’t outside when they open the door, they know their neighbours must be at their shop, and Ranger is over there catching up.

Ranger keeps a watchful eye over the cats in the yard but also keeps them on their toes. He wants to ensure they are ready for anything if he isn’t around. He prepares them for the unexpected by sneaking up on them.

And as much as both Connor and Kathryn think Ranger favours one of them, Ranger’s true best friend is the tomcat in the yard, Tom.

Kathryn and Connor enjoy spending lots of time outside and going on camping trips. Ranger is always happy to adjust to the camping lifestyle, which includes being on a leash. But he is always happy to return home where he can run free and check on his cats.

Ranger is a rough collie, a breed known to work with livestock. One day, the farmer across the road from Kathryn and Connor’s yard owed a day’s worth of work to Ranger, who herded all his cattle back into the pasture after they broke free. Ranger came home especially proud of himself that day.

It’s because of Ranger’s big heart and infectious personality which makes him a very good boy.


Home: R.M. of Laurier #38

Age: 3 years

Breed: Black lab mix

Family: Casey and Sara Pirio

About Kato: Kato came into Casey and Sara Pirio’s life when he was a young puppy. The black lab mix has since filled their home and hearts with laughter and joy.

Kato is a farm dog who enjoys rides in the semi and tractor. But working on the farm is just his day job. Kato’s favourite part of the day is when he gets to fetch! Kato is obsessed with the game, and his family said he cries until someone plays with him, and it’s quite heartbreaking to hear. Kato also pre-fers warmer weather because that means more time outside to fetch.

Along with knowing how to fetch, Kato knows at least 15 other tricks. His grandmother, Bev Pirio, describes him as the most intelligent dog she has ever met.

One of Kato’s most famous tricks was when he helped his dad Casey propose to his mom Sara. Kato knows a trick that involves putting a treat on the tip of his nose, and then he can flick the treat into his mouth. For the proposal, Casey put the engagement ring on the end of Kato’s nose for Sara to find. Kato was an extra good boy who let the ring sit on his nose, and he didn’t try to eat it.

Along with being an intelligent dog, Kato is very social and well-behaved. His grandmother said Kato also makes her dog more active because Kato drags her dog out of the house to play with him whenever he comes over.

Kato, the very playful dog, is a cherished boy.


Home: R.M. of South Qu'Appelle #157

Age: 7 years

Breed: Border Collie

Family: The Longs

About Meg: At the age of 7, Meg is now embracing her retirement.

Meg and her parents, Gail and Dave Long, have recently sold their farm in the RM of Francis #127 and moved to the community of Qu’Appelle.

The Longs have had Meg since she was four months old, and the Border Collie spent seven years as a working dog on the farm.

Meg was trained by another Border Collie, Amy, who lived to the age of 15 and recently passed away last year. Together, Meg and Amy would help sort and bring in the cattle. Gail said they knew everything a Collie needs to know for working with cattle.

While on the farm, Meg would always greet everyone who came over for a visit. Gail said she was usually a bit quiet at first but always friendly.

Meg enjoyed chasing around the barn cats for fun, but once the cats realized if they didn’t run away, that game was over.


Home: R.M. of Laurier #38

Age: 7 years

Breed: Farm cat

Family: Bev and Rich Pirio

About Marley: Marley came into Bev Pirio’s life when she was just a small kitten. But the once tiny kitten grew into a cat with a big attitude!

Bev said despite Marley being her cat, Marley would much rather spend her time with the men on the farm. But Marley’s true affection is for Bev’s son Casey. When-ever Casey is at the farm, you can find Marley following him. If Casey is working on equipment, Marley is happy to sit and inspect his work.

When Casey isn’t at the farm, Marley likes to spend her day high in the trees. That way, she can keep a watchful eye on the farm, and it’s a way to get away from very playful dogs.

Marley also pulls her weight around the farm. She’s an ex-cellent mouser, and if a prairie chicken crosses her path, Marley is all in for the hunt.

Marley used to live inside with Bev and Rich, but the great outdoors were more her style.

Sometimes Marley will sneak inside the house. If she does manage to get inside, Bev just needs to check the bedrooms for a lump under the covers.

So despite Marley’s sassy attitude, she’s a great farm cat who adds a lot of personality to the Pirio farm operation.


Home: Cowessess First Nation

Age: 6 years

Breed: Samoyed and yellow lab mix

Family: 4C Farms

About Koda: Koda is the 4C Farms ranch dog. And just like all mem-bers of 4C Farms, he has an important role to play in the agricultural operation.

Koda is in charge of ensuring the cattle stay in the pasture, keeping predators away, and alerting the staff of any new visitors to the farm.

New visitors to the farm don’t have to be scared of Koda, but he will for sure let the staff know that someone new is in the yard. Koda is a very friendly dog but a little shy at first. But once he knows he can trust someone, he’ll warm right up to them.

Koda enjoys being a working dog. He never bothers the cattle unless they get out of the pasture, then he is sure to remind the cows of who is in charge of the farm.

He also loves all the barn cats. Koda even lets the cats sleep with him, or the cats enjoy his company so much that they let Koda sleep with them.

But even though he spends most of the day outside, Koda is very well behaved in the house.

Koda also loves to show off his tricks in exchange for a treat of any kind, including donuts. He can sit, shake a paw, and stay. The staff at 4C Farms said Koda is a very loyal and obedient dog, and they can’t imagine not having him part of the team. Ranch Manager of 4C Farms, Terry Lerat, describes Koda as the dog we all wish we had.

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