Increasing vet services in rural Saskatchewan

In April, the Government of Saskatchewan announced it would be increasing veterinary services in rural Saskatchewan with two new initiatives. The government said the first initiative would allow students in the two-year registered veterinary technologist program at Saskatchewan Polytechnic to complete the program remotely. The students can complete their clinical training at local veterinary clinics in rural Saskatchewan. "This program is important to addressing a labour market shortage in rural Saskatchewan," Advanced Education Minister Gene Makowsky said in a news release. "We are pleased to work alongside Saskatchewan Polytechnic to ensure we are able to meet the growing demand now and into the future." The second initiative will give veterinarians and veterinary technologists working in rural Saskatchewan access to the Loans Forgiveness Program. Veterinarians and veterinary technologists will be required to work in rural areas for up to five years to have up to $20,000 of their Saskatchewan Student Loans forgiven. "Veterinarians and veterinary technologists play an integral role in protecting the health and productivity of Saskatchewan's livestock herd," Agriculture Minister David Marit said in a news release.