Farm Dogs of Saskatchewan

Dogs are special members of farm families. In every issue we spotlight some of the most beloved farm dogs in Saskatchewan.


Home Quarter: R.M. of Meadow Lake #588

Age: 12 years

Breed: Border Collie & Blue Heeler cross

Family: The Williamsons

About Cutter: Cutter has been part of the family since he was two months old. He learned commands and what they meant very quickly. Other than obeying the basic "sit" and "stay," he will heel, play dead and roll over, to name just a few. As he grew, he showed a keen interest in cattle and became very good at new commands such as "walk-in," "easy," and "that'll do." He is a vital part of the family's ranching operation, from herding cattle to holding the cattle back as they are fed. Cutter loves his job, and he's ready to work enthusiastically any time he's needed. He also knows to be on alert when the tractor starts or when his family saddles the horses because he knows the coffee break is over. Cutter loves attention and enjoys playing with children. He also excitedly opens his own Christmas gifts, ripping off the paper with his teeth and paws. Cutter has earned the right to be an essential member of the family. In the family's opinion, he's one of a kind!


Home Quarter: R.M. of Nipawin #487

Age: 6 years

Breed: Perman Shepherd & Kangal Shepherd cross

Family: The Maxwells

About Avro: Six-year-old Avro is a beautiful cross of a German and Kangal shepherd cross. The two breeds make Avro a tall dog, and he weighs around 100 lbs. But, his size and weight don't stop him from crawling up on his family's laps. Avro is such a large dog because he has a massive heart and is always happy to show his family how much he loves them with affectionate kisses. Avro is also an extremely patient and caring dog and the protector of his family. His protection even includes the cats on the farm, but only the family's cats. Avro is known to chase any new tom cats looking for a new girlfriend on the Maxwell farm. Avro is also no stranger to the vet. He's been in two accidents that resulted in visits to the clinic. The one incident saw his leg severely injured, resulting in him wearing a cast for six months. His family even made him ski pants for the winter months when he went outside. Avro has fully recovered from both of these incidents and continues to watch over his family. Avro is a lucky and good boy!


Home Quarter: R.M. of Baildon #131

Age: 4 years

Breed: Black Lab & Border Collie cross

Family: The Strems

About Kona: Kona is four years old and came to the Strem family when she was a puppy. The Strems adopted Kona from CC RezQs and believes she is a black lab and border collie cross. This farm dog loves her family. Kona's mother, Laura, says she is very gentle with her two children, Grayson and Adelaide. Kona loves to clean up the yard after the kids are finished playing with their outside toys. Before Kona comes in, she puts all the kids' toys and even yard decorations under her favourite tree. Kona loves to ride in the truck with her dad, Jon, to check the crops, but she tends to shy away from the farm equipment. Anyone coming to the Strem farm can expect a very enthusiastic greeting from Kona when they arrive. Kona's family describes her as a lovely dog with a good temperament and says they are very lucky to have such a good dog!


Home Quarter: R.M. of Dufferin #190

Age: 5 years

Breed: Yellow Lab & Sheepdog breed cross

Family: The Unruhs

About Odin: Named after the Norse God, five-year-old Odin, joined his family when he was a young pup. The Unruh family adopted him from CC RezQs and believes he is a yellow lab crossed with a sheepdog breed because of his looks and how he protects the farm and his family. Odin is a large dog, but that doesn't stop him from trying to crawl onto his family's laps. Don't let Odin's size intimidate you; he is very gentle with the kids in his family. Odin is also a very social dog. He's known to socialize with nearby neighbours bordering the Unruh's land but never strays too far from home. Odin loves his whole family, but, his father Ryan, is his favourite. Odin follows Ryan everywhere and even runs alongside the equipment when Ryan is in the field. Odin also loves to gift his family with dead animals he finds, that's if Odin hasn't devoured them first. Odin's family says he is a loyal friend. Odin is a very good boy.


Home Quarter: R.M. of Loreburn #254

Age: 2.5 years

Breed: German Shepherd & Husky & Blue Heeler cross

Family: Mikael Stone and Jessi Nelson

About Batler: Balter joined Mikael Stone and Jessi Nelson's home when he was five months old. Two years later, the once timid and shy pup now can't stand the thought of being left out from whatever Mike and Jessi are doing or what his beloved farm cats are up to. Balter has 15 farm cats that he proudly watches over. From letting the cats snuggle up with him while napping, guarding new kittens, and even breaking up a catfight, Balter is gentle with his cats and ensures they are safe and happy. Along with watching over his cats, Balter also watches over his humans. He will alert the farm of any new vehicle pulling into the yard with his loud bark. He also helps control the mice, rodents and garter snake population on the farm. Balter took to the farm life quickly and now can't wait to check crops in the truck and help bring in the harvest while riding along in the combine. And as much as Balter loves to help with the farm chores, he also enjoys a relaxing day at Lake Diefenbaker with mom and dad. Balter also keeps his parents in shape! Mike, Jessi and Balter enjoy hiking, camping and snowshoeing in their free time, as long as it's not too early. Balter doesn't like to leave the house until after he's had his morning treats. For so many reasons, Balter is a very good boy.

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