Farm Animals of Saskatchewan

Dogs are special members of farm families. In every issue we spotlight some of the most beloved farm dogs in Saskatchewan.


Home Quarter: R.M. of Torch River #488

Age: 3 years

Breed: White (yellow) lab

Family: The Dixons

About Quinn: Quinn is described by her family as cherished, sweet, and generous and are all smiles whenever she is around. The white lab is playful while around any water, and her family said she has the best smile. Quinn has a very generous nature and is always gifting her family with sticks and sometimes socks missing from the laundry. Quinn’s calm, laid-back, and patient disposition was apparent when she became a mom. The lab would let her ten pups crawl all over her, and she always treated them with so much care. Quinn is a white lab, but her pups took after their father and arrived with shiny jet-black coats. The puppies were fortunate to have their mom’s calm and caring qualities and are all gentle dogs. Quinn’s farm is also home to Speckle Park cross cattle, and she fits right in with the herd. Her mom, Amy Dixon, said, “they seem to accept her has one of them, a little short on legs but the right colour.” Farming and life can always have certain stresses, but the Dixons are grateful to have their own therapy dog when someone is having a bad day. “She seems to love life and takes everything in stride, a trait that other dogs and humans alike are drawn to.”


Home Quarter: R.M. of Montmartre #126

Age: 2.5 years

Breed: Golden Retriever

Family: Madison Englot and Chance Horsman

About Harvey: Madison Englot and Chance Horsman got Harvey two years ago as a graduation present for Madison, who finished her degree in agronomy at the University of Saskatchewan. The young pup quickly grew to be a big part of the couple’s family and their hearts. At first, Harvey is a little shy to people he doesn’t know, but he’ll warm up to them quickly. The golden retriever also loves to socialize. Madison said it seems friends and family come over more for visits with Harvey than to visit her and Chance. But as much as Harvey loves people, his affection does not extend to cats. Madison and Harvey are always exploring the south-eastern part of Saskatchewan together. Madison is a sales representative for Syngenta, and the pair visit farmers very often. Days spent on the road work well for Harvey because he likes to ride in the truck and loves to be with Madison. Harvey may even have some attachment issues when Madison is gone because he spends all his time with her. Madison said Harvey is a great companion and always follows her around, except when Harvey is sleeping. Harvey loves his sleep and will never be the first one out of bed. Even outside, Harvey likes to spend his time in the fresh air napping on the deck. Madison and Chance farm with her parents near Montmartre. Harvey doesn’t like to ride in the farm equipment but is always happy to go for a ride to bring supper out in the field on the side-by-side ATV. Harvey is a good family dog.

In loving memory of


Home Quarter: R.M. of Baildon #131

Age: 1 year

Breed: English Mastiff

Family: The Anthonys

About Casey: Terry and Pam Anthony remember their dog, Casey, as a “big friendly pup,” weighing around 90 pounds. The English Mastiff passed away in the summer, but the couples said they will always have a spot in their heart for their sweet girl. Terry and Pam knew they wanted an English Mastiff because their son had a Mastiff who was a great watchdog for the yard. The Anthonys didn’t expect how this once small puppy could grow to fill such a big spot in their hearts. Once part of the family, Casey quickly developed a love for the side-by-side ATV. When Casey was a young pup, Terry used an old suitcase like a car seat for the pup so she could ride with him. After a year, Casey didn’t fit in the suitcase anymore but would still ride upfront with Terry. She would even kick the grandkids to the back of the side-by-side ATV. Terry said she had a look that said, “this seat is taken.” Casey adjusted to the farm very quickly and loved the cows and pigs. She’s become quite protective over the other animals and never wanted to miss out on anything. Casey was most watchful of Pam and would sometimes get a bit jealous when Pam gave her grandkids her attention. But Pam always made sure Casey was included in the fun. Casey was always kind and only got aggressive when she saw a mouse in the yard. Casey passed away in the summer after eating fly bait, a substance the Anthonys didn’t know was fatal to dogs. The Anthony’s want all families to know about the dangers of fly bait, so others don’t suffer the loss as they have. Terry and Pam cherish Casey’s memory and will always remember their big, friendly, and loveable girl.


Home Quarter: R.M. of Lumsden #189

Age: 3 years

Breed: Canadian Arcott Sheep

Family: The Buttigiegs

About Dodge: Dodge is a Canadian Arcott Ram, and his name suits him well. His previous owner, Josef Buttigieg, can’t help but laugh whenever he speaks of the three-year-old ram. Josef recalls a memory when he heard an awful crash coming from the barn. Out of the barn runs the 225-pound sheep with a palette around his waist which looked like a tutu on the ram. Josef said the palette was between Dodge of the alpaca ration, which is Dodge’s favourite treat. The Buttigiegs have an old piano in their barn, and when Josef heard the keys of the piano playing from inside the barn one day, he knew Dodge had something to do with it. He found Dodge running around the barn with a bucket on his head that was previously filled with alpaca ration. Josef said Dodge was running around in a circle, trying to get the pail off his head. But despite Dodge’s obsession with treats, he is a very gentle animal with children. Dodge is actually very focused on making his own children. One day, when Dodge was in a separate pen away from the female sheep on the farm, he broke out of his pen to visit his girls. In only 1.5 hours, the mating-orientated ram bred 15 female sheep. Josef said Dodge’s acts of passion resulted in the farm having lambs born in February instead of the desired time of mid-March. Dodge recently left Fenek Farms and moved to another farm where Josef is certain he is making an impression. Many of Dodge’s offspring are still around for people to visit at Fenek Farms. People can make an appointment to visit Fenek Farms at


Home Quarter: R.M. of Lumsden #189

Age: 3years

Breed: Alpaca

Family: The Buttigiegs

About Chewy: Chewy caught thousands of people’s attention on social media after he was spotted with his head out the window, driving down a street in Regina in 2020. The three-year-old alpaca likes to go for rides with his owner Josef, who sometimes feels like Chewy is actually his owner. Josef refers to the Chewy as “The Diva” of the farm. Chewy will only come to Josef whenever he pleases and gets very upset if anyone goes near his bathroom area. Josef said alpacas are known to spit on people or animals, but Chewy usually only spits on someone if he can tell they are a Winnipeg Blue Bombers fan. Chewy is very protective of the sheep on the farm, especially the young lambs. Chewy will scream if one of the lambs goes missing of someone on the farm needs to move a lamb. The alpaca is also protective of the calves but does butt heads with the cows, who are very assertive when it comes to their young. One time, a mother cow became very upset with Chewy and used her horns to push him away from her calf. Chewy then threw up on the cow in protest. Chewy can often be found standing at the top of the hill on the farm with a look on his farm that says, “I’m the king of this farm.” Josef said Chewy makes life interesting on the farm and is a very strong-willed but good boy.

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